iStick 8gb OOS


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8GB iStick: The World’s first USB flash drive with Apple MFI approved lightning connector

No need for iTunes, Internet or wireless networks! Imagine a USB stick that not only allows you to safely, easily and quickly transfer large files between computers, but between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well.
iStick has a sliding mechanism that exposes a USB 2.0 connector on one side and an Apple lightning connector on the other, allowing you to connect to both iOS devices and computers. This amazing device can also be used to stream films with NO web connection! You can play movies, check out documents, listen to music and view photos straight from the iStick – no file copying, streaming or syncing required.

iStick comes with a free downloadable iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app that you can use to transfer your files from iStick to your Apple mobile device. iStick is simple, stylish and weighs just 12 grams.

iStick works like any other USB, just plug it straight into your Mac or PC, then drag the files into it. To move files to your iDevices, slide the mechanism and simply plug it into your iDevice via the lightning connector.

iStick comes in various size capacities, from 8GB all the way up to 128GB and supports almost all of the common file formats including video, audio and documents.

So no more file compatibility problems!

As far as device compatibility is concerned, the iStick is compatible with the following Apple devices:
iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus
iPad (4th Generation) / iPad Air / iPad Air 2
iPad mini / iPad mini with Retina display
iPod Touch (5th Generation)

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