Sirui T-005RX Tripod with C-10X Head in RED


SIRUI T0005RX Traveler Light Series – Travel Tripod Kit with ball head & case

The modern SIRUI T0X series tripods bring colour into a photographers life. Despite their very compact design, they offer a secure platform for your camera. Features include a C-10X ball head allowing you to move the camera quickly and safely into position. The tripod legs can be folded through 180 ° so when in the collapsed state with tripod head the tripod measures just 34 cm, (without head 30 cm). The 5 leg sections are tightened with 4 sealed ring-locks. Sturdy rubber feet ensure a secure grip on any surface. The Carbon Tripods T-025X are made of 8 layers of carbon fiber. The T0X series offers an extendable, removable center column. The head can be placed directly on the tripod shoulders, which significantly increase the stability. To help stabilise the tripod a caribiner, (provided), is attached to the the bottom of the tripod shoulders.The ball head has a maximum payload of 4Kg, it is beautifully engineered with a positive, smooth action. The friction is infinitely adjustable and the base can be rotated through 360 °.The rubberised release plate ensures a secure fit. Three slots enable the accurate position of the camera.
•T-005X = high quality aluminium in 5 sections
•T-025X = 100 % Carbon fiber in 5 sections
•Legs rotate from 0 to 180°
•Legs with ring-locks for secure grip
•Extendable and removable centre column
•Reversible 1/4" & 3/8" screw for tripod heads and camera
•Included stabilisation carabiner, leg warmers and tripod case
•Pack size: 34 cm with head, headless 30 cm

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