Delkin Devices 32GB PictureStick


Mobile Photo Printing Made Easy.

Easily Print Pictures from Your Phone
Quickly Move Files from Phone to Computer or Kiosk
Store More Pictures, Videos & Music
Works with Most Android Phones
Compact & Travel-Friendly
USB 3.0 (Backwards Compatible with USB 2.0 & 1.1)
Limited 2 Year Warranty

Product Description

How to Use the PictureStick™
Easily Print Pictures from Your Phone/Tablet
Printing pictures taken with your Android smartphone or tablet has never been easier until now! Simply plug the PictureStick™ into your mobile device, copy over your desired files to the drive, then insert it into any kiosk or printer’s USB port to select and print your images.

Quickly Move Files from Phone/Tablet to Computer or Kiosk
Utilizing a USB 3.0 interface, the PictureStick™ makes it quick and easy to transfer photos, videos, music, and other files between your mobile device and PC or Mac computer. Drop files from your smartphone or tablet onto the PictureStick™, then plug the PictureStick™ into any computer to share, print, or archive them.

Store More Pictures, Videos & Music
The PictureStick™ expands your storage capabilities and frees up memory on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to take more pictures & videos or store more music. You can even copy over files from your computer to the PictureStick™ and access them directly off the drive on your mobile device.

Works with Most Android Devices
Designed with a microUSB connector on one end, the PictureStick™ works with most USB OTG-compatible Android devices (iPhone & iPad not supported). To determine whether your Android smartphone or tablet is OTG-compatible, please refer to the manufacturer for your device’s USB OTG specifications. Additional reference can be found in the “Compatible Devices” tab.

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